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Memorial Garden

…the dust will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return God who gave it.

Ecclesiastes 12:7

The Grace-St. Paul’s Memorial Garden provides a place where the ashes of parishioners and their loved ones can be interred.  It is also a quiet spot for prayer and reflection in an elegant and verdant corner of the church property.

Reduction of the body to ashes by cremation is an appropriate and natural process accepted and approved by the Episcopal Church.  Interment in the Grace-St. Paul’s Memorial Garden offers an alternative to other burial customs.  Ashes are buried directly into the soil in a biodegradable container.  Loved ones, who wish, can help to place earth over the ashes.  It is a place where nothing separates the return of our ashes to the earth.



When a death occurs, please contact the Grace-St. Paul’s Parish Office at (609) 586-6004 so that a member of the Grace-St. Paul’s clergy can offer pastoral care and discuss funeral plans with you and your funeral director.  The funeral director will arrange for cremation and delivery of ashes to the church.  A record of the interment will be kept at the church.

Prior Planning

Arrangements for interment in the Memorial Garden made prior to death will ensure that the wishes of the deceased are followed.  Prior planning also lessens the burden on the bereaved at the time of death.  Those who wish to be interred in the Grace-St. Paul’s Memorial Garden are encouraged to meet with the clergy to discuss their desire, which can then be made a matter of record in the church office.  Directives regarding funeral and burial can also be legally documented in one’s will.


A fee will be charged to offset the cost of the memorial plaque and to support the maintenance of the garden.  An additional fee will be charged to cover the cost of the name plate for the deceased at the time of purchase.

No member of the church will be refused burial in the garden because of financial consideration.  Please contact a member of the Grace-St. Paul’s clergy for more information.

Memorials and Gifts

Memorials and gifts are gratefully accepted to cover the cost of care and maintenance of the garden.

No markers or plantings are placed at the exact site of the interment; instead, a lush green carpet of grass covers all.  The garden itself becomes a memorial.  A name plate for the deceased is attached to the memorial plaque.  A record of the site of burial is maintained in the church office.

For more information, please contact the Parish Office at or call (609) 586-6004.