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Estimate of Giving

All things come of thee, O Lord; and of thine own have we given thee.
Chronicles 29:14b


 Dear Members, Friends and Visitors of Grace-St. Paul’s Church,

 Congregations that approach financial stewardship from a biblical perspective do not view the money Christians give to their church merely as a way to pay its bills. Rather, such congregations see financial contributions as a way to help people grow spiritually in their relationship with God by supporting their church’s mission and ministry with a percentage of their incomes.

Our approach to financial stewardship here at Grace-St. Paul’s is based on the biblical philosophy of the need of the giver to give for his or her own spiritual development, rather than on the need of the church to receive. Instead of treating people like members of a social club who should pay dues, we choose to treat people like followers of Jesus Christ who want to give unselfishly as an act of discipleship.

Our desire is to encourage individuals and families to move toward proportionate and systematic giving in response to the question “What percentage of my income is God calling me to give?” and we believe every individual or family who complete an Estimate of Giving Card should do so voluntarily as an act of worship.

Estimate of Giving Cards can be picked up from the brochure rack in the Church Narthex (entryway) or you may email or call the Parish Office to request that a Card be mailed out to you (, (609)586-6004). To learn more about our approach to financial stewardship, please see the “Frequently Asked Questions” below and/or contact our Stewardship Ministry Team chair, Susan Higgins, who can be reached via email or telephone in care of the parish office.

Frequently Asked Questions About Estimate of Giving/Pledging

What is an estimate of giving/pledge and why does my estimate of giving/pledge mean so much to Grace-St. Paul’s?
An estimate of giving/pledge is a commitment to provide financial support for the mission and ministries of Grace-St. Paul’s It is your best estimate of what you will be able to give financially over a specific time period. Only you can decide what you can give and how you will give, but submitting an estimate of giving/pledge helps the church leaders to plan activities and expenses more effectively.

How do I know what to pledge?
What you pledge is between you and God and a very personal decision. It is something you should take into your prayer life and approach thoughtfully. What is more important than the amount you pledge is that you pledge. It is a sign of your commitment to Grace-St. Paul’s. The biblical standard of giving is a “tithe,” which is 10% of one’s income. Most of us have a hard time tithing. Grace-St. Paul’s encourages you to pick a proportion of your “first fruits” and begin there. If you have been pledging for a while, think about increasing the amount or pledging at a higher percentage.

Why should I pledge?
Pledge to support the many and varied ministries and outreach programs of Grace-St. Paul’s. Pledge to help pay the bills. Our life as a faith community is invaluable, and maintaining our ministry and building takes all of us.

How can my pledge be made?
Pledges can be weekly, quarterly, monthly, or as a yearly gift using offering envelopes, the offering plate, and automatic bill pay from your bank.

How can I get an Estimate of Giving card?
Estimate of Giving Cards can be picked up from the brochure rack in the Church Narthex (entryway) or you may email or call the Parish Office to request that a Card be mailed out to you (, (609)586-6004). You may give the completed card to any member of the Stewardship Ministry Team, mail it to the church to the attention of the Stewardship Ministry Team or leave it in the Stewardship mail slot in Craft Hall.

Can I change my pledge?
People’s circumstances change and we understand that. If you need to adjust your pledge, just let one of the members of the Stewardship Ministry Team or the parish office know. It’s as simple as that.

Can I pledge via the web?
You will soon be able to pay your pledge on Grace-St. Paul’s website.